The World’s First Supply Chain Data Management Platform.

Built For Speed, Accuracy and Scale

Riscosity’s product architecture and design choices have focused on simplicity, scalability and accuracy. We use the latest cloud technologies and support AWS, GCP, Azure and Docker based private installations. Our code base is forward looking, based primarily on Go and popular web frameworks. We hate long deployment cycles, our goals are to deploy with one click, no super admin privileges and provide results near instantaneously.

Learning from Massive Scale Scanning

Unique Hidden APIs Found

Projects Scanned

OS Packages Scanned

Intensely focused on Customer Success

Our roadmap is customer driven. We focus on solving the core of a customer’s request in the simplest way possible. Our global team enables customers to reach real people when they need assistance. With experience managing relationships with Fortune 5000 companies our team understands the dynamics and expectations of mid market as well as large enterprise teams.

Meet Our Team

We are a tight group of repeat entrepreneurs, salty gray haired technology leaders, A+ engineering and marketing talent. Our team is primarily US West coast based with some folks sprinkled in India. We love working with motivated, results driven people. If you are interested to join our journey connect with us on Linkedin.

Anirban Banerjee

CEO, Co-Founder

James Greene

VP of Engineering, Co-Founder

Jeremy Swedroe

Senior Software Engineer

Nick Mahnke

Senior Software Engineer

Miriam Kappen

Senior Software Engineer

Oliver Bock

Marketing Lead

Geo Varghese

Senior Software Engineer

Jonathan Litovitz

Senior Software Engineer

Varghese Mathew

Senior Software Engineer

Meet Our Investors

On this blog , team members from Riscosity and invited security leaders share their thoughts on the state of the Digital Supply Chain.

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