"Every single technology company needs to have visibility, control and security for the software stack which brings it revenue. Riscosity is a simple, yet, effective and complete solution which enables product security to elevate their game to the next level.

Suresh Batchu, Digital Trust Networks

"All Technology leaders need to understand the risk and dependencies of 3rd party services. Knowing what your own software uses is the critical first step."

Frank Weigel, Lattice

Reduce Your Attack Surface by Understanding 3rd Party Risk Exposure


Get an accurate 3rd party vendor catalog – in minutes, not months – of professional service engagements. No more point-in-time, Excel exports. See In real time who your product is talking with and what data it is exchanging.


Optionally enable Trust But Verify for 3rd party APIs to identify and prevent business logic errors and input validation errors that cause data leaks. Gain unrivaled visibility by zooming into your platform – every component, CI/CD pipeline(s) – and being able to appropriately and swiftly respond.


Get real time visibility and detect if ITAR and Data Sovereignty Policies are being violated. Validate the known documented 3rd party vendors are actually the 3rd party vendors that your software is interacting with.


Understand which 3rd party APIs, code libraries, and operating system libraries pose risks, via a complete, real time Executive Order 14028 compliant SBOM. Correlate the operational posture of your product with the risk exposure from the 3rd party components, and respond to the most critical issues faster.


Easily map data processors and the information shared with them. Simplify adherence for GDPR, FDIC, FedRamp CCPA/CPRA, ISMS, PCI and more. Respond swiftly to “Right To Be Forgotten” requests.