In this session for Securing the Digital Supply Chain, we talk to two very well-known investors from Silicon Valley – Mahendra Ramsinghani (Secure Octane) and Cherian Mathew (Firebolt VC). We learn what drives the investment thought process for these two successful VCs and also hear what their perspectives are on cybersecurity, areas of interest, how to think about the market.

Especially interesting are the thoughts on “Who gets affected” from a Digital Supply Chain perspective. The discussion is product agnostic, nothing related to Riscosity services is discussed – and for full disclosure – Firebolt VC and Secure Octane are investors in Riscosity. For those who are keen enough to notice, given the shared heritage that all three individuals in the video share, having connections to South East Asia, the funny – you go first – no – you go first – banter is carried throughout this conversation!