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No More Unknown Unknowns

Understanding the Risk to a business as a result of the 3rd parties you choose to work with is a critical part of Business Continuity Planning. It is difficult, if not impossible to answer these 3 simple (sounding) questions which have a profound impact on your ability to service customers, comply with regulations, close large deals, and not be the victim of a massive data breach. Who are your True Data Sub-processors? What Data are you actually exchanging with them? Do you have guardrails and controls to detect, and prevent unwanted, insecure data exchanges with 3rd parties?


Identify and remove drift from ROPAs, SCCs, DPAs and SLAs. Reduce Ongoing Data Exchange Risk.


Close Large Fortune 5000, Regulated and Government deals 12-18% faster by providing Data Privacy and Security Certification upfront.


Prevent unintended data leaks to 3rd parties. Take back control of your data from compromised 3rd parties.


Catalog, Analyze, Control and Report accurately for FedRAMP, HiTrust, CMMC, GDPR, CPRA. Find your real 3rd parties and privacy implications.

Who Benefits:
Sales, Security, Compliance and Legal

A single pane of glass that provides tremendous value for security conscious, cost efficient and detail oriented enterprises. One platform for the most important and meaningful features in a wide variety of important security silos – SCA, SAST, API Security, DSPM and TPRM.

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Sales – Close Larger Deals, Faster

Riscosity cuts down back and forth with your client’s security/compliance/privacy team(s) by weeks. This allows customers to recognize revenue earlier in the quarter. Cut procurement delays by 12-18%.

Legal – Understanding True Business Risk Exposure

Riscosity provides General Counsels and LegalTeams with accurate, easy to understand information to ascertain if SLAs, SCCs, data localization clauses that impact the business are actually being fauithfully followed or not.

Security – Preventing Accidental Data Leaks

Riscosity provides 100% detection, control and reporting for security teams to wrap their arms around all outbound data transfers through the software supply chain. Code libraries, 3rd party APIs, hidden and legacy EDI transfers can all be managed and secured with a single, effective product.

Compliance – Enabling guardrails to follow FedRAMP, CMMC, GDPR, CPRA and more, easily

Riscosity helps customers respond quickly to "Right to be forgotten" requests and track down which piece of data was shared with which specific vendor(s). No gaps in your "True" list of data sub-processors

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