The Modern Way To Protect Data In Transit

Riscosity enables full control, visibility, and compliance for data going to third parties and AI tools. Deployed on-prem and in your private cloud.

Trusted by leading security, privacy, and engineering teams.

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A security solution that remediates risky data transfers on the fly before they reach their destinations.

With Riscosity

Deploy Riscosity in your production or development environment to monitor, identify, redact, and secure all third party APIs.

Sensitive Data Redaction
PHI/PII Detection
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AI Governance
Data Residency Control

How it works


Track and pinpoint any data being sent to a third party API.

  • Identify what sensitive data is being sent
  • Maintain full API attack surface visibility
  • Compare planned vs actual data flows
  • Comprehensive API catalog
An image of the actions taken as Riscosity tracks and pinpoints any data being sent to a third party API.


Easily map data sub processors and the information shared with them.

  • Data residency control
  • Control data
  • Privacy guardrails for your API needs
A map data of Riscosity securing third party tools, sub processors, and any information.


Automatically replace detected sensitive data with redacted inputs

  • Automate risk remediation
  • Maintain granular access control
  • Simplify data governance
An image illustrating how detected sensitive data is replaced with redacted inputs


Continuously monitor and block APIs from sending the wrong data to the wrong place

  • Maintain appropriate data residency
  • Decide which system gets which data
  • Stop mistakes that cause accidental leaks
  • Mitigate API Sprawl

Always Know What, When, And Where Data Is Sent