Who Is Your Software
Product Exchanging
Company Data With?

Get 100% Visibility and Control in minutes over your entire Data Sub Processor Ecosystem: 3rd Party APIs, Data Flow Mapping, Open Source Libraries and Containers, SaaS Services and SBOM.

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API Data Flow

100% Control Over Your Entire 3rd Party Data Risk Exposure

Discover, Map. Control which 3rd Parties get what data & where are they processing/storing your data. Visibility, Classification & Flow Diagrams in minutes.

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Get an accurate 3rd party vendor catalog – in minutes, not months – of professional service engagements. No more point-in-time, Excel exports. See In real time who your product is talking with and what data it is exchanging.


Understand which 3rd party APIs, code libraries, and operating system libraries pose risks, via a complete, real time Executive Order 14028 compliant SBOM. Correlate the operational posture of your product with the risk exposure from the 3rd party components.


Optionally enable Trust But Verify for 3rd party APIs to identify and prevent business logic errors and input validation errors that cause data leaks. Gain unrivaled visibility by zooming into your platform.


Easily map data processors and the information shared with them. Simplify adherence for GDPR, FDIC, FedRamp CCPA/CPRA, ISMS, PCI and more. Respond swiftly to ’Right To Be Forgotten‘ requests.

Riscosity Dashboard Graphs

Complete 3rd Party Data Flow Analysis

Get a Real Time, Complete, Accurate Inventory of all 3rd Party Data Exchange and Processing

  • Audit all 3rd Party Data Exchange, classify and tag data flows
  • Scan all code continuously and on demand, libraries, SDKs and identify shadow API calls, software licensing risks and data jurisdiction violations
  • Identify violations from Data Protection Agreements (DPAs), Build accurate ROPA, Identify drift from Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) . No more unknown unknowns

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Riscosity Dashboard File Listing

True Software Supply Chain Security

Get an accurate and complete catalog of all software dependencies

  • Next Gen Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), with risk overlay to focus Incidence response resources effectively
  • Identify, resolve and audit software licenses to reduce operational risk to the enterprise
  • Identify trusted code, eliminate the possibility of silent 3rd Party code insertion with Software Component Analysis (SCA)

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Who Benefits:
Sales, Product Security, Compliance and Legal

The World's First Supply Chain Data Management Platform makes it easy for Security, Compliance and Legal to adhere to corporate security, compliance, regulatory and privacy mandates – yet maintain high velocity development and deployment processes.

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Riscosity Chart Diagram

Sales – Close Larger Deals, Faster

Riscosity cuts down back and forth with your client's procurement, security/compliance/privacy team(s) by weeks. This allows you to recognize revenue earlier in the quarter and increase deal close velocity.

Security – Do More With Less

Riscosity generates a complete Executive Order 14028 compliant Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM) in minutes. Automated and Searchable SCA, Production environment scans answer product wide security questions in seconds.

Compliance – Preventing Accidental Violations

Riscosity helps implement Trust But Verify on 3rd party API data transfers to make sure what enterprises.

Legal – Tracking Data Flows with Vendors

Riscosity helps customers point out and address the difference in legal DPAs, ROPAs and SLAs with the ground reality. Privacy teams can respond quickly to GDPR "Right to be forgotten" requests and track down which piece of data was shared with which specific vendor(s).

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A complete control over all 3rd Party Components and Data Flows – Next generation SBOM, API inventory, run-time data auditing, real time accurate 3rd party vendor cataloging. Ready to go from 0 to 100, in 60 seconds?

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