Data Flow Posture Management (DFPM)

Data Flow Posture Management is the modern approach to securing all data in transit before it leaves your data ecosystem.


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Data Flow Detection and Classification

Riscosity’s agentless platform enables teams to easily identify, monitor, and maintain their entire 3rd party ecosystems. We will surface a comprehensive and up-to-date 3rd party data exchange catalog in minutes for teams to confidently know which sensitive data is traveling where outside the organization.

With Riscosity, teams don't need to rely on any additional engineering resources for 3rd party monitoring. Riscosity will track and catalog all data in transit to 3rd party and internal tools. Using a combination of shift-left scanning and network DNS techniques, teams are provided complete governance capabilities on data in transit.

Data Flow Detection and Classification
Data Flow Vendor Governance

Data Flow Vendor Governance

Riscosity empowers security and privacy teams to tailor their data governance needs to their current business mandates. Within minutes of deployment, teams will have a central place to catalog all 3rd parties and APIs, enforce trust but verify policies, and control what data is allowed to go to which 3rd party.

Riscosity ensures that companies can expand data governance guardrails beyond their internal environment. Its interactive UI simplifies the onerous task of building and refining policies that can not only be applied at the product level but also scaled across the company and even to 3rd parties accessing the company's data.


Data Flow Validation and Remediation

Riscosity provides teams with the visibility required to accurately know when and what data is in transit, so they can block or mask unplanned data before reaching a vendor.

Once Riscosity is connected to a companies code repositories, DNS, and deployed in your VPC, it will continuously detect and remediate data security violations triggered by new or existing vendors, changes in sensitive data events, or unintended drift in egress data flows.

Data Flow Detection and Remediation
Data Flow Residency and Sovereignty Management

Data Flow Sovereignty Management

Riscosity ​​ensures that data sovereignty aligns with privacy regulations, reducing the risk of fines, and unauthorized access. By maintaining an accurate vendor catalog, teams can quickly view and maintain control over the location of sensitive customer and operational data, globally. Incorporating data sovereignty considerations into data governance frameworks enhances overall data management practices.

Data flow sovereignty management is achieved by continuously scanning code and analyzing DNS through Riscosity’s data governance engine. Accurate geolocation of 3rd parties empowers teams to allowlist legitimate endpoints while blocking ITAR locations and high-risk countries on the fly. Teams receive alerts in real time and can redirect unplanned traffic with a few clicks, reducing financial penalties and legal liability.


Data Flow Privacy Governance

With Riscosity, teams can embed privacy compliance guardrails programmatically, in the early stages of the data lifecycle, to ensure privacy commitments are enforced before sensitive data is shared. Privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, PIPL, and others require companies to protect the privacy of sensitive data. By tightly controlling data flows, Riscosity reduces privacy risks from 3rd parties that have access to sensitive data.

Riscosity removes the risk of sharing excessive or unnecessary sensitive data. By using custom tags tailored to individual data flows, teams can quickly identify and fix transmissions that violate company policies.

Data Flow Privacy