Introducing Riscosity’s New Look

We're excited to introduce our new brand identity that better reflects Riscosity as a modern solution built by trusted security and privacy experts.

Charrah Hardamon
Head of Marketing
Published on

New logo and typography

Today you’ll notice our new logo and typography. We’ve introduced a minimalist approach and opened up spacing within the letters to help with legibility and visual continuity. Our mission as a company is to help teams quickly and painlessly meet data security requirements with high confidence. Our goal is to align that mission with our user's entire experience, from day one. Riscosity has grown and evolved over the last two years, and we’ve updated our brand to reflect the company we’ve become.

We added a new font, Inter, which balances Riscosity’s innovative, technology-driven approach to data flow security with our old-school security expertise.


Our new tagline is both simple and practical, and ensures we’re clearly communicating the unique value we deliver to our customers

The Color Palette

We’ve updated our primary color to purple and also added supporting colors. The goal of our new color is to deliver a palette that is accessible to everyone.

Refreshed Website

Along with announcing our new logo and typography, we’ve redesigned our website. The new site offers a modern, clean, and organized layout which provides visitors clarity on who Riscosity is and what our platform does. Our new designs are built to inspire and amplify our powerful solutions for our current and future customers.

We hope you like what you see — and more importantly — get value from the updates.

Thank you

From automating SBOM generation to redacting and redirecting sensitive data in transit to building the future of data flow security, we’re just getting started. Thank you to everyone who made this milestone possible, and stay tuned for more to come from Riscosity.