Riscosity Is Now Available on the AWS Marketplace

We’re making it easier for all AWS customers to protect their connected data by gaining continuous visibility and control of all data exchanges.

Charrah Hardamon
Head of Marketing
Published on

Starting today, Riscosity is available on AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog of software listings from independent software vendors that makes finding, testing, buying and deploying software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) simple. This new partnership enables companies using AWS cloud services to easily purchase a Riscosity license directly from the marketplace, streamlining risk management and the deployment of Riscosity into their current security stack.

“Making Riscosity available in the AWS marketplace is a significant milestone in our partnership with AWS. With our combined offerings, we’re enabling our customers to accelerate deployment of data security products and generative AI technologies via a seamless buying and deploying experiences,” said Anirban Banerjee, CEO and Co-founder, Riscosity.

Why Riscosity is on AWS marketplace

Security risks tied to connected applications continue to grow alongside the larger security landscape. New technologies such as AI, regulatory requirements, and other factors make investing in strong risk management practices critical for organizations. A recent study showed that the average company shares confidential information with 583 third-party vendors and another study found that 82% of companies provide third parties with access to sensitive data. Having access to a platform that mitigates risks and allows teams to put controls in place to protect data going to third parties has never been more critical.

Riscosity is built to enable control, visibility, and compliance for data going to third parties. Customers have accurate visibility into every third party their software is communicating with, and are given the ability to monitor and protect their outbound data flows in real time to ensure that sensitive data only ever reaches its intended destinations.

Harnessing the power of AWS and Riscosity

Now AWS customers around the world can quickly get started with Riscosity through their AWS Marketplace accounts with just a few clicks. Customers who purchase Riscosity through AWS Marketplace have seamless access to Riscosity features like:

  • Built-in compliance auditing
  • Comprehensive third party tracking
  • Real-time violation alerting
  • In-transit data redaction
  • Data sovereignty and residency monitoring
“We are proud to work with AWS as we reimagine how companies protect and safely connect with data. As more and more teams leverage AWS, we'll be there to help them protect their data across tools, teams, and partnerships," said Banerjee.

Visit Riscosity in the AWS marketplace

If you’d like to learn more about Riscosity or how you might purchase Riscosity solutions using your existing billing mechanisms on AWS, visit Riscosity in the AWS Marketplace or get in touch with our team.