What’s new in Riscosity: October

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Charrah Hardamon
Head of Marketing
Published on

Custom Descriptions

Riscosity's Custom Descriptions Feature

Teams can now design custom descriptions to provide context as to why a finding was ignored, resolved or marked as false positive. Previously, teams were provided a set of out of the box options, for the common use cases. The new flow resembles a standard documentation process where canned and contextual responses are available to help scale internal communication.

Schedule Events

Riscosity's Schedule Events Feature

We’ve massively improved how you interact with, and automate scans. Now teams can conduct constant scans to enable continuous and accurate visibility using our Schedule Events feature. Riscosity's event scheduler enables timely scanning so that as soon as code is being committed, each and every line of code is scanned. Once a schedule is defined, teams will never have to worry about manually running scans again.

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