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How Riscosity and SecurityScorecard Help

Riscosity is the data security platform built to equip teams with the tools needed to maintain full visibility of data in transit and to remediate any risks before they reach a vendor. With SecurityScorecard and Riscosity, customers can overlay API-based data-in-transit insights with vendor risk profiles for true vendor risk management, frictionlessly deployed on-prem or in the cloud in minutes.

Immediate Visibility

A 360-degree view of where data is flowing and which 3rd parties present the most risk when given access to sensitive data – with zero engineering support needed.

Data Driven Risk Scoring

Understand which data flows contain sensitive elements like PII, PHI, NPI, IP and more to empower companies to compare drift between legal requirements  and the on-ground reality.

Scale Vendor Risk Management

Analyze any vendor’s security posture based on industry-standard benchmarks and meet compliance requirements via segmented environments and customized guardrails for data transfers.