Use case

Data Flow Security

Prevent unintended data leaks.

Frictionless deployment on existing stack, no changes to existing codebase

Real-time, always-accurate 3rd Party data Observability

Ability to restrict, redact or redirect outgoing data flows to manage business risks

The Problem

Data is the new oil, and more than 99% of enterprises exchange customer details, IP, authentication, authorization, inventory information every second with external 3rd parties (vendors) and customers. Less than 1% of enterprises have real-time visibility into critical outgoing data flows. This introduces data leak risks and privacy liabilities when the wrong data, or more data than necessary sent to the wrong 3rd party, e.g. A user’s health record was to a payroll processing vendor.

The Solution

Riscosity provides true 3rd Party Data Observability (TPDO) - a real-time, always-accurate, complete view of all external data flows. Organizations can then decide to restrict, redact or redirect such data flows based on business requirements, privacy guidelines and compliance mandates.