Use case

Data Residency Posture Management

Ensure compliance with data residency mandates.

End-to-end visibility into outgoing data flows, from origin to destination

Flagging high-risk destinations

Customizable rules engine, point-and-click user interface without code changes

The Problem

Data traverses continents in milliseconds. However, such transfers still have to comply with geographical requirements, whether driven by regulations or business needs. For example, under GDPR, data of European Union citizens is restricted from leaving Europe. Similarly, an organization may decide not to send any data for processing to a specific country that it deems lack intellectual property protection. However, organizations lack the ability to monitor and block such data transfers.

The Solution

Riscosity monitors all of an organization’s outgoing data transfers, from origin to destination. If the destination violates any regulatory or business requirement as codified in the platform’s customizable rules engine, transfers will be blocked.