Use case

Outbound Data Privacy

Control the flow of personal data.

Granular control of data flows aligned to privacy regulations

No engineering overhead

Customizable rules engine with point-and-click user interface

The Problem

There are strict regulatory requirements specific to how personal data is handled. What started with GDPR in Europe has now gained traction in the US with 9 states rolling out comprehensive data privacy laws with more to follow. However, some companies will find that they aren’t prepared with the needed tools to comply. This is especially true when data is transferred to third or fourth parties outside their own immediate environment. The penalties for non-compliance are heavy, sometimes percentages of annual revenue.

The Solution

Riscosity’s solution monitors all outgoing data flows and can be used to implement granular controls. For example, if a specific data set being sent to a third party for legitimate business purposes but has a few fields of personal data (name, social security numbers) that should not be shared, this can be implemented on the fly. In other words, the Riscosity customer does not have to spend development cycles on removing or redacting certain data elements from the source files, but can simply configure the Riscosity solution to do so in transit.