Use case

Third-Party Cataloging

Know all third parties you are sending data to.

Deployment in customer organization’s own environment, cloud or on-prem

Riscosity has no visibility into the deployed solution and your data that it processes

Results in 3rd-party cataloging that is automatically updated for continual accuracy

The Problem

99% of fiscally responsible enterprises focus on their core operations while leveraging 3rd parties for product, customer and operational support services. For example, most companies today do not build their own payrolls software. The average estimated number of 3rd-party partners for an organization today is 88. The percentage of these same enterprises who have a complete list of who is being given what data is less than 1%, and therein lies the problem.

The Solution

Riscosity’s platform reviews an organization’s codebase for APIs and identifies all 3rd parties that the organization shares data with. Since Riscosity is deployed in the organization’s own environment, cloud or on-prem, only the customer retains access and visibility to their data, at rest and in transit.