Secure Third-Party Connections

We’ve Joined Forces With SecurityScorecard to Strengthen Third-Party Security.

Charrah Hardamon
Head of Marketing
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Riscosity has joined forces with SecurityScorecard! This new partnership enables SecurityScorecard and Riscosity users to scale their business using only trusted vendors and ensuring that the right data is going to the right place. Together we’re helping compliance and security teams scale their programs, and significantly reduce their applications' attack surface.

Third-Party Security is Our Priority

Third-party applications and vendors are mission-critical to the success of modern enterprises. Since an organization’s attack surface expands beyond the technology they own and control, Security teams need granular visibility into the security posture of their entire third-party ecosystem. Research conducted by SecurityScorecard found 98 percent of organizations have vendor relationships with at least one third-party that has experienced a breach in the last two years.

Teams today need the required tooling to get a tight grip on any sensitive data in transit and a comprehensive view of what is being shared, when it is being shared, who it’s going to, and where it’s stored.

The majority of supply chains are extremely complex, making them a large target for disruption. Ultimately, customers want to know their third-party suppliers are doing everything in their power to identify and mitigate cyber risk. Together with Riscosity, our customers can have confidence the organizations they interact with prioritize cybersecurity – which builds trust across the digital ecosystem.
— Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy,
CEO and Co-Founder at SecurityScorecard

Riscosity and SecurityScorecard have prioritized providing a reliable and consistent security experience since their inception. Our unadulterated commitment to security teams has resulted in us becoming the chosen vendors for third party data and vendor security programs across small and enterprise companies. 

What This Partnership Offers Teams

Full third-party security. For any vendor and in real-time.

Immediate Visibility
Gain a 360-degree view of where data is flowing and which third parties present the most risk when given access to sensitive data – with zero engineering support needed.

Data-Driven Risk Scoring
Quantify cyber risk in your third-party ecosystem to identify high-risk vendors and prioritize steps to remediate vulnerabilities and improve their security posture.

Understand which data flows contain sensitive elements like PII, PHI, NPI, IP and more to empower companies to compare drift between legal requirements  and the on-ground reality.

Scale Your Vendor Risk Management Program
Analyze any vendor’s security posture based on industry-standard benchmarks and meet compliance requirements via segmented environments and customized guardrails for data transfers.

More Than 90% of Companies Are Not Compliant. As of December 31, 2022, 92% of companies across all verticals, states, and business sizes are still unprepared for CCPA and CPRA, and 91% are unprepared for GDPR, using time consuming and error prone manual processes. This year, data privacy regulations go into effect in Virginia, Colorado, Utah, and Connecticut, while  several other states are expected to approve a data privacy regulation.

The reliance on third parties for software development will continue to accelerate dramatically, because third-party components can be easily installed enabling access to a vast array of services, including multi-factor authentication, usage analytics, payment processing, and more. As a result, security and regulatory-conscious companies must now regularly vet every third-party with which their software and vendors' software integrates – resulting in time-consuming reporting that slows procurement and time-to-value. With true third-party data observability, teams gain the security, visibility, and governance required to quickly develop, confidently deploy, and securely manage software that leverages third-party components. This partnership enables any company with the assurances needed that sensitive data is going to the right vendor with the right security posture.

How it works

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