Welcoming Bob Lyle,Our Chief Revenue Officer

Today I’m excited to announce that Bob Lyle is joining Riscosity as our Chief Revenue Officer.

Anirban Banerjee
Dr. Anirban Banerjee is the CEO and Co-founder of Riscosity
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We are thrilled to welcome Bob Lyle to Riscosity as our Chief Revenue Officer. Bob is an accomplished executive with extensive GTM experience in scaling software and security companies. He will be responsible for the planning, development, and global execution of our revenue strategy as we continue to evolve our business.

An Experienced Leader

Before joining Riscosity, Bob was the CRO of Cybeats, the leader in the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) Management space, and helped grow revenue from first customers to an IPO on the CSE (CYBT). Prior to that Bob was a SVP at SpyCloud, and secured their first customers in telecom and other key market verticals, and helped them to more than triple their overall ARR. Bob previously co-founded and was CEO of an enterprise cybersecurity software startup (Valona Labs), helping to lead them to a successful exit in less than 2 years (acquired by HMD Global / Nokia Mobile). Bob has also held leadership roles at Absolute, Xperi, Qualcomm, and Samsung. Additionally, he has served as the Deputy Chair and Chair of the Device Security Group of GSMA for the last six years. We sat down with Bob to better understand his decision to join Riscosity and get his early thoughts on our growing industry, leading tech, and strong customer portfolio, and I wanted to share some of his thoughts.

Why Riscosity?

For me, it’s a perfect fit. I’m excited to be joining a fast-growing security startup, backed by strong investors (ie. S3 Ventures), that has invested in experienced and respected foundational team members – these are key elements required for success. Importantly, Riscosity is also based in my hometown of Austin.

What Market Opportunity Do You See in Data Flow Security?

We’re seeing a proliferation of security incidents – including breaches, leaked credentials, malware attacks, and ransomware attacks. This focus has become even more intensified due to the emergence of new privacy-related laws globally (eg. GDPR, CCPA, PIPL, DPDP, etc.). Knowledge of where and to whom data is being sent, before it gets there, is a critical piece that is missing in today’s security and privacy programs. I see an emerging critical need for tools that enable teams to track, redact, and remediate sensitive data to any third party while it’s in transit. Riscosity is investing heavily to address this industry issue, and they’ve been doing a great job at it.

The Future of Riscosity with Your Leadership

My goal is to maintain and amplify Riscosity’s presence as the leader in controlling any data going to third parties or AI tools. I see a future where the data flow security space complements the recent rising interest in Software Bill of Materials and stricter supply chain security and solutions in general. Riscosity will be growing its ARR significantly over the next couple of years to meet market demand in the data flow security space. We will continue to focus on expanding our footprint globally, empowering companies of any size to stay in control of the data that’s leaving their organization with confidence. We’re going to achieve this through strategic partnerships, breakthrough products, and a commitment to our customer’s success.

Bob's background in cybersecurity and proven revenue building track record will have an immediate positive impact. We’re impressed with his deliberate and thoughtful approach of bringing product awareness and data security to the teams that need it most.
— James Greene
Co-founder and CTO

We’re confident that we’re going to build a great company together. I hope you’ll all join me in welcoming Bob to the team!